Why didn’t BJP buy 4 MLAs?: Kejriwal


Is-HE-India---s-Iron-Man-2-----1349In response to BJP and Congress parties unconditional support to form the government in Delhi, Aam Admi Party president has decided to put the ball in the court of these National arties by asking if they support them on Lokball Bill as per the AAP Manifesto.

Kejriwal questioned why didn’t BJP buy 4 MLAs until now to form the government even though they are capable of!

On unconditional support of Congress and BJP to AAP, Kejriwal reacted, “Nothing comes for free, there’s something else that these parties want”.

Kejriwal wrote letters to Sonia and Rajnath Singh demanding them to express their views on the 16 issues. The issues are: 1) No VIP security, no government bungalow, no VIP culture 2) No MLA, Councillor funds 3) Janlokpal for Delhi and investigation of scams 4) Audit of power companies and reduction of power rates in Delhi 5) Investigation of power meters by independent agency 6) Full statehood for Delhi 7) Action on water mafia 8) Regularization of unauthorised colonies within 1 yr 9) Rehabilitation of Jhuggis 10) Regularization of MCD employees 11) Simplification of VAT 12) Villages 13) Women Security 14) Education 15) Health.

Kejriwal said the replies of parties will be made public and then AAP will decide on government formation in Delhi.