Revant Reddy's power punch on MP Kavita

Telangana Telugu Desam party’s firebrand Revant Reddy is wielding his sharp tongue to lambast the ruling party TRS in assembly sessions. Undoubtedly, Revant Reddy just in two days has shot to an instant fame with his never-down gun towards KCR and his entourage.

Now as the chief minister said the government would take a stringent action those who got double entries in the household survey, Revant Reddy immediately countered it by subjecting none other than KCR’s daughter TRS MP Kavita to the target. “Very happy that the CM had said he would take stringent actions against those who got double entries, I ask, Nizamabad MP Kavita got double entries, one at Navyapet village and one in Hyderabad…I ask the CM what decisions he had taken against the officials who enrolled her name and what decisions against her” he shot right amid the TRS leaders.