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2.9 out of 5
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Movie: Varadhi
Rating: 2.25 / 5
User Rating:
322 Votes
Cast: Kranthi,Hemanth,Sri Divya and others
Directed by : Sathish Karthikeya
Produced by : P Vivekananda Varma
Banner :Cosmic Imaginations
Music : Vijay Gorthi
Release Date : Apr 17 2015 12:00 AM

Varadhi Movie Review


Gautam (Hemanth) and Aradhana (Sri Divya) who happens to be classmates in College fall in love. Unfortunately, Gautam gets killed in a freak accident and this unexpected development brings their love story to a tragic end.

Story shifts to Hyderabad where Vinay (Kranthi), a pyscho, spots Aradhana and stalks her. She, however, ignores him as Gautam is still in her heart. Here comes an interesting development in the story - Vinay suffers injuries due to an accident and since then he gets to see human spirits including that of Hemanth's where ever he goes. Finally, He gets to know about the tragic past of Aradhana and comes forward to do his bit to see her happy. The rest of the story is about how he manages to fulfill the mission.

Artists Performance:

Kranthi performs quite well in scenes involving spirits and emotional moments. This role is a cakewalk for Sri Divya. Her cute looks and ability to shine in any kind of scenes is a major attraction. Hemanth as Lover & Spirit does a decent job. Rest of the cast are adequate.

Plus Points:

- Sri Divya

- Comedy

- Emotional Scenes

Minus Points:

- Logic go for a toss

- Run Time


Director Satish choose an interesting premise and executed it well to some extent. It's the poor editing which played the spoilsport and the film could have done much better had if it had a shorter version.

Music & Background Score by Vijay Gorthi are decent enough. Cinematography by Rajendra Kosani is fine. Editing is so bad and chopping off few unnecessary scenes would have improved the movie watching experience to a great extent. Production Values are just about okay.

The one big drawback of 'Varadhi' is that Director failed to explain how could the lead actor see spirits around him and that too after getting injured in a accident. Audience who watch the movie will certainly raise this question!

Box Office: 'Varadhi' mayn't be in theatres for so long and its certain to sink without a trace.

Verdict: Not Engaging Enough!

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