Upendra 2

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Movie: Upendra 2
Rating: 1.5 / 5
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Cast: Upendra,Kristina Akheeva and others
Directed by : Upendra
Produced by : Priyanka Upendra
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Music : Gurukiran
Release Date : Aug 16 2015 12:00 AM

Upendra 2 Movie Review


The film opens with the point - 'Few people worry too much about the future and others live in the past. Only those who live in the present lead a happy life'. A Media Reporter Lakshmi's (Kristina Akheeva) search for such kind of a person ends with Nuvvu (Upendra) and she falls in love with him. It's then Sheela (Parul Yadav) reveals to Lakshmi that Nuvvu is a big cheater. To know more, step into the theatres screening 'Upendra 2'!    


Upendra: Only he could do justice to the experimental roles created by him and we can't even imagine any other actors attempting such things. In this film, Upendra appears in four different get-ups and performs well in all of them.

Kristina Akheeva as ultra-modern girl is so glamourous in the movie. The skin show she offers will appease the front-benchers. Even Parul Yadav has nothing much to do other than looking glamorous. Shayaji Shindi played his part well. Rest of the cast has been adequate.

Plus Points:

- Upendra's Philosophies

- Kristina Akheeva's Glamour

Minus Points:

- Music

- Screenplay

- Direction


The best part about 'Upendra 2' is that the film starts with Ending Credits. Audience, who have seen the movie Today, feel they should have walked out of theaters then itself to save themselves from non-stop torture.

Nothing much to say about the Technical Aspects. Except for few hard-hitting dialogues from Upendra and decent camera work, You can't find anything positive in this movie.

Few of the philosophies preached looks impressive, but Upendra appears he himself lacked the clarity to narrate the point in a convincing manner. As a result, He ends up confusing the viewer who has stepped into the theatres to have some fun watching his unconventional attempts.

Box Office: Some of Upendra's films like A, Raa, Upendra and Super have done quite well in the mass circuits of United AP. 'Upendra 2' have no such possibility as it's such a bad film and likely to be removed from theatres soon.

Verdict: Just Avoid It!

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