Review : Vishal Pooja - Poojai

Review : Vishal Pooja (Poojai) Telugu Movie Review, Rating | Live Updates, Story, Talk

2.6 out of 5
based on 2425
Movie: Review : Vishal Pooja - Poojai
Rating: 2.5/5
User Rating:
2425 Votes
Cast: Vishal,Shruti Hassan and others
Directed by : Hari
Produced by : Vishal
Banner :Vishal Film Factory
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Release Date : Oct 22 2014 12:00 AM

Pooja - Poojai Movie Review


Vasu (Vishal), a small-time financier, bumps into Divya (Shruti Haasan) and love blossoms between the two. He rescues top cop Sivaram Nayak (Satya Raj) from dreaded gangster Singanna (Mukesh Tiwari). It was then Vasu's Mother (Radhika) asks him to return to Bobbili. The rest of the story is about why was Vasu called back to Bobbili, the consequences his family has to face and how does he settles scores.

Artists Performance:

Vishal: As hot-blooded youngster, He is perfect and excels in action sequences as usual. He does a decent job in romance and emotional scenes.

Shruti Haasan: She performs well and oozes glamour in the songs, especially makes the men go crazy with 'Ittagane Ekkadiko Ethesuku Po…' number.

Andrea's item number is okay. Radhika and Sathyaraj does justice to their roles. Mukesh Tiiwari as villain is effective. Rest of the cast including Kausalya, Sitara and Jayaprakash were adequate.

Plus Points:

- Shruti Haasan's Glamour

- Action Sequences

- Racy Narration

Minus Points:

- Comedy

- Tamil Flavor


Director Hari is a master at delivering action packed commercial entertainers with racy screenplay and that's the secret behind holding an impeccable success rate. Films like Sammy, Aaru, Yamudu and Singham II has been testimonial of his capabilities. 'Poojai' is typical Hari-mark masala potboiler and it is strictly for those who embraced his past outings.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is passable. Cinematography by Priyan is good. Out of 7 fights, 6 were emotional action blocks which would connect well with the masses. Dialogues are pretty ordinary. Editing by VT Vijayan is sharp. Production Values are good.

At Box Office, 'Pooja' may receive good openings because of the huge release (400-plus screens) but success depends solely on response in the mass circuits.

Verdict: Nothing Original!


Live Updates : (Refresh for Minit to Minit Update)

1:58 pm - Movie completed with a family sentiment... Overall Movie likely to see a Love, Comedy, Family and Vishal actions entertainer....

1:56 pm - Vishal takes his revange on Mukesh Tiwari...Remembering his family.....

1:52 pm - Movie shifted to Climax

1:50 pm - Mukesh Tiwari returns to his place Patna.... Vishal follow him to take revange....

1:45 pm - Vishal and Satyaraj plans to kill Mukesh Tiwari, but Villai kills Vishal family at pooja.....

1:40 pm - Sathyaraj captures Mukesh Tiwari close person. Bihar commissioner's son comes to Vishakapatnam to kill Mukesh Tiwari

1:36 pm - Mukesh Tiwari plans to attack his father at GK mills Factory..

1:30 pm - Movie going towards serious mode.... Fight scenes are running now...

1:25 pm - Romantic scenes started between Vishal and Shruti.....

1:22 pm - Family scenes are running and comedy scenes included....

1:17 pm - Movie going towards Intresting zoner

1:12 pm - Another Mass song is rooling...

1:06 pm - Movie going towards in to emotional style...

12:58 pm - interval....

12:55 pm - intresting twists are reveled now... Intresting Fight scenes...

12:50 pm - Movie going to flashback mode...

12:45 pm - Action scenes are running... Vishal showshis best action...

12:40 pm - Romantic Second song started....

12:36 pm - Radhika entrance.... all charecters are entering slowly...

12:33 pm - Satya Raj entry as a cop...

12:30 pm - Funny scenes are running between Shruti and Vishal...

12:25 pm - Shruti Hassan entry as Divya...

12:20 pm - First song is rooling... Andrea is good looking..

12:15 pm - Fight scenes are running..

12:10 pm - Vishal introduction as Vasu....

11:50 am - The movie started in Kochin with murder

Pooja is a Tamil Dubbing Movie called in Tamil as Poojai. Vishal is producing with his own banner of Vishal Film Factory. Starrting Vishal, Shrutihassan and Sathyaraj are the leading roles... This movie ready to release on 22nd october 2014.

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