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3.8 out of 5
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Movie: Review : Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya
Rating: 3.0/5
User Rating:
2502 Votes
Cast: Naga Shaurya,Ajay,Sana Maqbool and others
Directed by : Thrikoti
Produced by : Sai Korrapati
Banner :Varahi chalana chitram
Music : MM Keeravani
Release Date : Oct 09 2014 12:00 AM

DCR Movie Review

A Son (Naga Shaurya) and Father (Ajay) falls in love with the same Girl (Sana Maqbool). How the Youngster won the heart of the Girl and How did he manage to fulfill his responsibility as a Son at the same time forms the rest of the story.
Artists Performance:
Naga Shaurya: He played the two roles (as a lover and son) with utmost sincerity and honesty. We could notice that he is only getting better with each film and has got the potential to make it big one day. 
Sana Maqbool: She is cute and gives a decent performance. But, she is not the gorgeous beauty we would wish to see in these kind of romantic films. 
Ajay: He is the real star of Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya. After 'Ishq', He has given a commendable performance in this movie. He got the ability to make the audience burst out laughing with his expressions and body language. Deserves credit for taking up the challenge to play a father to a youth so early in his career.
Indraja: She makes her comeback in Tollywood after several years. As depressed mother, She has given a matured performance. 
Brahmaji is really funny in few sequences. Rest of the cast including Posani and Others did justice to their roles.
Plus Points:
- Naga Shaurya
- Ajay's Performance
- Music
- New Concept
Minus Points:
- Slow Pace
- Comedy (lack in second half)
- Limited Reach (A Centres & Multiplexes)
Trikoti who worked as associate for SS Rajamouli's films choose a complex and untouched storyline for his directorial debut. The film has got some very good moments (Thanks to the impressive writing) but it must be said that makers failed to use the unusual concept to maximum advantage. The major drawback is the snail pace with which the story has been narrated.
Few Songs were good but nothing special. Background Score by MM Keeravani is an asset. Cinematography is okay. Editing could have been better. Dialogues are good in parts. Production Values of Varahi Chalana Chitra are fine. 
At Box Office, The fate of 'Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya' depends on how well the audience receive its concept. Can give it a try if you are bored of routine themes in mainstream films!
Verdict: Good Attempt!

Live Updates:

12:00am : Posani entry in climax.....

11:50am : Movie heading towards climax.....

11:40am : Some highly emotional scenes are on now

11:35am : andari raatalu song is running..

11:26am : Another twist has been unveiled now

11:20am :  Comedy scenes between Ajay and sourya...

11:15am :  Telipotunna song is running....

11:10am :  twists are revealed now...

11:00am :  Brahmaji Comedy scenes are running...

10:50am :  Ante Premante song started...

10:40am :  Movie towards serious zone

10:30am :  Interval....

10:20am :  Interesting twists are running... movie heading towards interval...

10:10am :  Comedy scenes are running between Ajay an Brahmaji....

10:00am :  Dhintana song is rooling...

9:55am :  Ali entry as Sana neibhour

9:45am :  Ajay soloves her loan problem...

9:40am :  Sana Maqbool introduction...

9:35am :  Shourya college scenes are funny... Principal warning Shourya about fees..

9:30am :  Gopala Krishna(Ajay) starts flirting beautiful women Amirta (Pavani)

9:26am :  Brahmaji introduction, he is Ajay friend...

9:22am :  Ajay introduction as Gopala Krishna... he tries to flirt with beautiful womens on his way...

9:17am :  titles started....

9:15am :  U/A certified 150 Minutes to this movie..

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