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Movie: Review : Anukshanam
Rating: 3.25 / 5
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Cast: Vishnu Manchu,Revathi,Brahmanandam and others
Directed by : Ram Gopal Varma
Produced by : Vishnu Manchu
Banner :Twenty Four Frames Factory
Music : --
Release Date : Sep 13 2014 12:00 AM

Anukshanam Movie Review


ACP Gautham (Manchu Vishnu) and his special branch team is on the look out for a solution to series of killings in the city of Hyderabad. It does take much time for ACP to realize that a psycho killer is involved in the brutal murders of young & good looking women. Cops were helpless because the killer leaves no clues and they see a ray of hope in nabbing him only when Psychologist (Revathi) uses her expertise to help them. Just when ACP is about to trace the culprit, A tragic incident happens! What's that tragedy? Does ACP succeed in his mission?

Artistes Performance:

Manchu Vishnu: Audience will be pleasantly surprised with his tough cop avatar, new body language, intensity in his eyes and ability to convey his helplessness when required. He plays the role with a lot of conviction and this is one film he could always be proud of!

Revathi: Its always a delight to watch a finest actor delivering his/ her best on the screen. As Psychologist, This Veteran is damn good!

Surya: The actor who played the role of Psycho Killer is menacing and he sends shivers down the spine with his mode of operation.

Brahmanandam: After 'Autonagar Surya', This is one film in which a forced comedy featuring Comedy King was included and its ineffective to say the least.

Rest of the cast including Navdeep, Tejaswi, Madhu Shalini and Others were adequate.

Plus Points:

- Vishnu, Revathi & Surya's performance

- Racy Screenplay

- Background Score

- Camera work in Few Scenes

Minus Points:

- Counter-Attack-of-Cops Angle given a miss

- Brahmi's Comedy Track

- Genre (Limited Reach)


'Anukshanam' is a one of its kind flick in Telugu Film Industry. These kind of films are plenty in Hollywood, but something very rare here and that comes as a huge advantage in this case.

Background Score is too good and yet again proves how crucial this aspect could be for a thriller. Cinematography is effective. Editing is neat. Production Values are okay.

What makes 'Anukshanam' work is the performances of cast especially Vishnu, Revathi & Psycho Killer. Surely, Its the best product from Ram Gopal Varma in the recent past and he deserves credit for extracting the right kind of output from his actors apart from ensuring that the film is an edge of the seat thriller.

At Box Office, 'Anukshanam' has got the potential to become successful but the main drawback is the limited reach for psycho thrillers. We have to wait and see if the audience prefer a well-made thriller over routine commercial potboiler.

Verdict: An Engaging Psycho Thriller!

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