Ramleela - Ram Leela

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3.7 out of 5
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Movie: Ramleela - Ram Leela
Rating: 1.0 / 5
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488 Votes
Cast: Havish,Abijith,Nanditha and others
Directed by : Sripuram Kiran
Produced by : Dasari Kiran Kumar
Banner :Ramadoota Creations
Music : Chinna
Release Date : Feb 27 2015 12:00 AM

Ramleela - Ram Leela Movie Review


Ram (Havish), a happy-go-lucky guy, tries to flirt with every girl he comes across in Malaysia. Krishna (Abhijeet), a Software Professional, falls in love with a Salsa trainer Sasya (Nanditha) and marries her with the consent of both families. Soon after the wedding, Krishna plans honeymoon in Malaysia but instead of Sasya, Ram accompanies him to all the holiday spots. What happened to Sasya and how Ram was connected to the story/newly married couple forms the rest of the story.

Artists Performance:

None of the 3 Leads leave an impact. Havish is irritating, Abhijeet is below par and Nanditha delivers her worst performance till date.

Ali's character is poorly etched. Sapthagiri as the one with multiple personality disorder is completely wasted. Aksha does a decent job. Madalasa Sharma's Item Number is passable. Nagineedu, Bhanuchander and Anita have been adequate.

Plus Points:

- Camera Work

Minus Points:

- Performances of Lead Actors

- Direction

- Music

- Editing


Director Sripuram Kiran don't have a clarity of thought in the first place and it was quite evident while watching 'Ram Leela'. In such cases, The result will always be negative!

Music by Chinna is disappointing. S Gopal Reddy's Camera Work is topnotch and its pleasing to see beautiful locales of Malaysia. Dialogues were pathetic and so is the Editing. Even at 125 run time, Audience could hardly find it bearable. Production Values of Ramadootha Creations are commendable.

With its age-old plot, bad performances and poor execution, 'Ramleela' is unlikely to hit the right chord with the audience and the fact that audience couldn't feel a single emotion makes it even worse.

Box Office: 'Ramleela' managed to get decent number of screens but that willn't help the cause in any way. This patience-tester is certain to bite the dust and don't be surprised if its removed from theatres on Day 2 itself.

Verdict: RAMA...What is this Gola?

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