Paddanandi Premalo Mari

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3.3 out of 5
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Movie: Paddanandi Premalo Mari
Rating: 2.25 / 5
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109 Votes
Cast: Varun Sandeesh,Vithika Sheru and others
Directed by : Mahesh Upputuri
Produced by : Nallapati Ramachandra Prasad
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Music : Khudhas
Release Date : Feb 15 2015 12:00 AM

Paddanandi Premalo Mari Movie Review


Ram (Varun  Sandesh) helps his Friend marry his Lady Love (Corporator Posani's Daughter) who was supposed to wed Factionist Lankapathi (Aravind). Story shifts to Flasback here! Ram meets Sravani (Vrithika Sheru) and falls in love with her. Even Sravani responds positively after getting to know Ram but they broke-up due to some misunderstanding. It was at this juncture Lankapathi happens to see Sravani and kidnaps her with an intention to marry. The rest of the story is about how Ram manages to save Sravani and how they reunite.

Artists Performance:

Varun Sandesh gives a decent performance. Vrithika Sheru has done justice to the bubbly character and her onscreen chemistry with Varun is good.

Aravind leaves mark of his own playing an Antagonist. Thagubothu Ramesh and Venu generate few laughs. Rest of the cast including Posani, MS Narayana, Kasi Viswanath are adequate.

Plus Points:

- Screenplay

Minus Points:

- Songs

- Lacks Entertainment Values

- Second Half


Director Mahesh, a debutante, tests his luck with 'Paddanandi Premalo Mari'. Although the screenplay packed with few interesting twists at regular intervals is an asset for this movie, lack of entertainment tests the patience of audience.
Songs aren't bad but their placement is a thing to worry. Cinematography is neat. Dialogues are just okay. Even at 135.05 minutes, Audience feel its tad too long and Poor Editing is to be blamed. Production Values are decent.

'Paddanandi Premalo Mari' is slightly better than Varun Sandesh's duds in the past few years. But, That doesn't mean its his comeback film in any way.

Box Office: 'Paddanandi Premalo Mari' garnered a very limited release just because of the poor Box Office show of Varun Sandesh in the recent past. Neither it could earn decent openings nor have the potential to turn successful by the end of its full run.

Verdict: Don't Fall In This Trap!

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