Mantra 2

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3.7 out of 5
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Movie: Mantra 2
Rating: 2.0 / 5
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90 Votes
Cast: Charmy Kaur,Chethan and others
Directed by : SV Sateesh
Produced by : P.Showri Reddy, V.Yadagiri Reddy
Banner :Green Movies
Music : Sunil Kashyap
Release Date : Jul 31 2015 12:00 AM

Mantra 2 Movie Review


Mantra (Charmee) moves to Hyderabad after finding a job and lives as a paying guest in a house. She has absolutely nothing to complain about her life until a murder attempt is made against her by some unidentified goons. She seeks the help of her College Buddy & Cop (Chetan Cheenu) to chase the mystery. When the Police reach Mantra's House as part of the investigation, They end up getting a shock of their life. Grab the tickets to know what is it & who is trying to kill Mantra?

Artists Performance:

Charmee performs well, especially in the Climax block. Chetan Cheenu looks handsome but there is so much that has to be improved in terms of acting skills.

Tanikella Bharani does make a good impression. Venu Madhav's track is senseless. Nothing much to speak about the rest of the casting.

Plus Points:

- Brand Mantra

- Run Time (112 Min)

Minus Points:

- Lack of Thrills & Suspense Element

- Predictable & Illogical


'Mantra' (2007) marked grand entry of Charmee into Female-Centric Films. Unfortunately, This Punjabi Beauty was unable to score a success on par with it in the past 8 years. This time she arrives with 'Mantra 2' which is a sequel to her successful horror flick for breaking the jinx. Let's see how it fared...

Even though the sole song in the movie has been composed well & shot decently, Background Score which is so crucial for films in this genre is below par. Cinematography is neat. Editing is terrible. Dialogues are ordinary. Production Values are fine.

'Mantra 2' is solely made to encash the brand image of 'Mantra'. This film have neither thrilling moments nor suspense element to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The Screenplay is so bad that viewer could predict what happens in the next scene and this repeats till the very end. Director SV Sateesh didn't do the script work in a perfect manner and failed to even make proceedings interesting with narration. Wish to make the most out of this Weekend, then all you need to do is skip 'Mantra 2'!

Box Office: 'Mantra 2' had a limited release. Of course, Screen Count doesn't alter the fate of movie when the end product is so underwhelming. It's just going to be another disaster in Charmee's career.

Verdict: Better Watch MANTRA Again!

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