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2.8 out of 5
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Movie: Malini and Co Movie
Rating: 1 / 5
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Cast: Poonam Pandey,Milan and others
Directed by : Veeru K
Produced by : Mahesh Rathi
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Music : Veeru K
Release Date : Aug 29 2015 12:00 AM

Malini and Co Movie Review


Malini & Co. is a spy thriller with Sri Lankan War and cruelty against Tamilians as its backdrop. Malini (Poonam Pandey) operates a Spa in a colony inspite of stern opposition from the Women in the locality. One fine day, The real identity of Malini gets disclosed and that's when viewers will be able to understand her agenda. Who is Malini? Why she is in a disguise? Watch the film in theaters to know more!

Artists Performance:

Poonam Pandey yet again relied only on her skin show rather than acting prowess. Inspite of having the scope to exhibit varied emotions, She appears to have never made any efforts to get into the skin of the character. That means she learnt nothing from the failure of her Bollywood debut.

Ravi Kale, Suman Talwar, Kavya Singh, Samrat, Geethika, Kushi, Jakeer Hussain, Sanul Rathi and Ajay Rathnam have done what Director asked them to do without bothering about logic or any other aspect.

Plus Points:

- Poonam Pandey's Glamour

Minus Points:

- Terrible Performances

- Worst Screenplay

- Poor Direction

- Lethargic Pace


After failing terribly in an attempt to carve a niche for herself in Bollywood with 'Nasha', Poonam Pandey moved to South to test the waters. 'Malini & Co.' marks Poonam's Mollywood debut and the same product is now dubbed in Telugu.

Songs were intended to exploit the curves of Poonam Pandey. Couple of chartbuster songs such as 'Asalem Gurthukuradhu' from 'Anthahpuram' have been remixed. Even Cinematographer banks heavily on Poonam's skin show as if there was nothing else to do. Dialogues are utter rubbish. Editing is pathetic. Production Values are just okay.

Director focussed more on what audience expect from Poonam Pandey than the story telling. That's the reason we find 'Malini & Co.' as a senseless film and one shouldn't even dare to search for any logic. What one gets to see in the movie is the close up shots of Poonam Pandey's private parts. Watch 'Malini & Co.' if you aren't satisfied with Poonam's indecent acts on social media.

Box Office: 'Malini & Co.' is a film for the front benchers. Even these section of audience will find it horrible while watching if they expect anything other than Poonam Pandey's skin show. Don't expect this poorly crafted flick to become success...!

Verdict: Poonam's Sexposing!

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