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Movie: Karthikeya
Rating: 3.25 / 5
User Rating:
3396 Votes
Cast: Nikhil Siddharth,Swathi Reddy and others
Directed by : Chandoo Mondeti
Produced by : Venkat Srinivas
Banner :Magnus Cine Prime
Music : Sekhar Chandra
Release Date : Oct 24 2014 12:00 AM

Karthikeya Movie Review


'Karthikeya' is based on the mysterious deaths surrounding Subramania Swamy temple in Subramaniapuram located at Andhra-Tamil Nadu Border. Karthikeya, who is a member of medical camp set up in this village, tries to chase the mystery despite being aware of all the hardships in the journey. Will he be able to accomplish the life-threatening mission successful? To know more, Reserve a seat in the nearby theatre that's been screening this suspense thriller.

Artists Performance:

Nikhil: From a College Student in 'Happy Days' to Medical Student in 'Karthikeya', We could notice a lot of maturity in this Youngster. For the first time ever, He tried to be subtle rather than being hyper and the makeover worked in his favor.

Colors Swathi: Saree-clad avatars have suited her to T. She does complete justice to the role of Nikhil's support system and shares a nice onscreen chemistry with the protagonist.

Raavu Ramesh as Endowments Commissioner and Tanikella Bharani (Swathi's Dad) are top class. Praveen evokes few laughs. Rest of the casting have been decent.

Plus Points:

- Dialogues

- Music

- Cinematography

- First Half

- Run Time (2 hr 4 min)

Minus Points:

- Second Half

- Climax


'Karthikeya' touches the concept 'God Vs Science'. Chandoo Mondeti does a commendable job as director and it doesn't look like his debut flick. The film has got a good premise and set up, most importantly it has been executed in a appealing manner. Thrillers work only when suspense element was maintained till the very end. 'Karthikeya' scores in this aspect (even though Second Half & Climax could have been better) to hit the bull's eye.

Sekhar Chandra's songs were too good. 'Swathi Chinukai' and 'Intalo' are the best picks in the album. Even the picturization is appreciable. Background Score is in perfect sync with the theme of the movie. Cinematography by Karthik is top notch. Dialogues which have a lot of depth are the biggest strength of this thriller. 'Konni Abaddalu Alochinchakunda Nammutham, Konni Nijalu Nammadaniki Alochistam' and 'Prapanchamlo Prathi Prasnaki Samadhanam Untundhi, Samadanam Lekapothe Samasya Prasnadhi Kadu Prayathnanidi' are some of the best one-liners. Editing is crisp. Art Direction is praise worthy. Production Values are rich.

At Box Office, 'Karthikeya' is undoubtedly the biggest ever release for Nikhil. Especially, Multiplexes have shown a lot of faith in this thriller and offered good number of screens. This film has got the potential to become Nikhil's highest grosser.

Verdict: An Engaging Thriller!

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Live Updates :

12:15 am : Secondhalf : Thrlling of Subrahmanyapuram temple is good, camera work well performed, Audiance will love this adventure thrlling. Nikhil cool dialouges and other charecters involment is good. Overall movie is good for thrill feeling and new type of story needed audiances.

12:05 am : Movie ends with the linking of God and human knowledge...

12:02 am : Nikhil and swathi love acceptable from parents...

11:55 am : Finally Nikhil got find the mystory about Subrahmanyapuram temple...

11:50 am : Nikhil on the job to break mistory of temple... intresting dialouge speech by Nikhil

11:45 am : Another track 'Punnavi vennelake..' is rooling

Punnavi vennelake

11:38 am : Nikhil got history of Subrahmanyapuram at Tanjavoor..

11:33 am : Nikhil on his mission to find mystory about the temple...

11:28 am : Karthik attacked by a snack... Jayaprakash reveling truth about temple...

11:18 am : Temple mystery thrills everyone... continuing suspense going on...

11:10 am : Mystory arround the Subrahmanyapuram temple....

11:06 am : Nikhil reveals his love proposal behind Tanikella Bharani

11:05 am : Secondhalf started...


10:55 am : Firsthalf : Story gives thrill feeling to audiance .... Nikhil and Swathi performance good. Comedy and Songs are good. Story narration is good, Visuals are really good, camera work better than the other movies of Nikhil....

10:40 am : Intresting twist on the tale (Nikhil find a secret book) Interval....

10:30 am : 'Intalo ennenni vintalo' song started...

10:25 am : Love scenes between Nikhil and Swathi in that medical camp

10:20 am : Medical camp in Subrahmanyapuram started...

10:15 am : Nikhil friends comedy scenes are running...

10:10 am : Nikhil steps in to Subramanyapuram along with his friends...

10:05 am : Rao Ramesh as Endowments commissioner...

9:58 am : Good Dialouge Nikhil (Prapamchamlo Prathi Prasnaki Samadhanam Vuntundi... Samadanam Lekapothe Samasya Prasnadi kaadu... Prayatnanidi

9:52 am : First song 'Swathi Chinukai Naalo..' started...

9:48 am : Swathi entry as a Dental Doctor...

9:42 am : Nikhil entry in a medical college mortuary

9:36 am : Raja Ravindra entry....

9:30 am : Movie started in Subramanyapuram

9:28 am : Titles are rooling...

9:25 am : Hi ApToday Fans, we bringing Nikhil's Karthikeya Movie Live Updates for you.....

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