Jyothi Lakshmi

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3.9 out of 5
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Movie: Jyothi Lakshmi
Rating: 2.75 / 5
User Rating:
348 Votes
Cast: Charmy Kaur and others
Directed by : Puri Jagannadh
Produced by : harmy Kaur,Swethalana,Varun,Teja,C. V. Rao,C. Kalyan
Banner :CK Entertainments PVT LTD
Music : Sunil Kashyap
Release Date : Jun 12 2015 12:00 AM

Jyothi Lakshmi Movie Review


Satya (Satya Dev), a software employee, falls in love with a Prostitute named Jyothi Lakshmi (Charmee Kaur) and manages to convince her to start a new life with him post marriage. How did this decision change the life of Jyothi Lakshmi forever? Watch it to know how did the past haunt her and how did she fought back against all the odds!

Artists Performance:

Charmee irritates with her over-action while playing the Prostitute. She, however, compensates with impressive performance after her transformation into a rebellious character in the latter half.

Satya Dev gives a settled performance and he has got good screen presence. The track featuring Brahmanandam is completely unnecessary. Rest of the cast have done justice to their roles.

Plus Points:

- Lead Pair

- Dialogues

- Second Half

Minus Points:

- Flashback

- Logic-less Scenes


Puri Jagannath, a filmmaker best known for elevating heroism to a whole new level, makes a women-centric movie and casts someone like Charmee who passed her prime few years ago. What would be the end result and how successful is their combo?

Thumbs down to Sunil Kashyap's songs and even his background score is average. Songs hamper the flow of the movie. Cinematography is below par. Few Dialogues penned by Puri hit the right chord. Editing isn't pleasing. Production Values are bad.

'Jyothi Lakshmi' suffers due to poor characterizations, logic-less scenes and poor production values. Scenes showing Charmee as a rebellious woman in the Second Half worked well. Watch this female-centric movie if you have very little to do for this weekend.

Box Office: 'Jyothi Lakshmi' obtained a massive release. In Nizam alone, The film released in around 170 screens. At the end of the day content matters and hence the revenues were just average on Day 1. Can Puri score a hit with a nothing extraordinary stuff?

Verdict: A Prostitute's Revolt!

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