James Bond

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Movie: James Bond
Rating: 1.75 / 5
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Cast: Allari Naresh,Sakshi Chaudhary and others
Directed by : Sai Kishore Macha
Produced by : Anil Sunkara
Banner :A K Entertainments India Pvt Ltd
Music : Sai Kartheek
Release Date : Jul 24 2015 12:00 AM

James Bond Movie Review


A Lady Don aka 'Bullet' (Sakshi Chaudhary) marries an Innocent Techie Lakshmi Prasad (Allari Naresh) to fulfill her Mother's last wish. What happens when Allari Naresh gets to know about the real identity of his Wife forms the rest of the story.

Artists Performances:

Allari Naresh is apt for the role of an innocent techie and his comic timing is good as usual. Sadly, He has got very little to do in this film as its the female lead who is the real hero in this comedy caper.

Sakshi Chaudhary does a fine job playing a Lady Don, especially in the First Half. She got the oomph factor and have the physique to perform stunts with ease.

Posani generates few laughs. Pruthvi is funny. Ashish Vidhyarthi, Jayaprakash Reddy, Raghu Babu, Praveen and Others does what the director expected from them.

Plus Points:

- Concept

- Sakshi Chaudhary

Minus Points:

- Music

- Screenplay

- Poorly etched-Comedy Tracks


The basic storyline of a Lady Don marrying an Innocent Person, inspired from the Korean film 'My Wife is a Gangster', is very interesting but execution is tad poor. Fault is with the Screenplay which makes the film too predictable and the comedy tracks keep on irritating the audience. In an attempt to offer a decent comedy entertainer, All that Director Sai Kishore Macha could manage is a half-baked product.

Sai Kartheek's Music is a big let down. Cinematography is okay. Editing is poor. Witty Dialogues keep the audience in splits at times. Stunts are decent. Production Values are fine.

'James Bond' is a sub-standard comedy flick. First Half of the movie is terrible with not even a single comedy track promising any sort of comedy relief. Second Half is slightly better but nothing great about it as well. Overall, This Allari Naresh starrer ends as a below-average fare.

Box Office: 'James Bond' is certain to bite the dust irrespective of the screen count. Its high time Allari Naresh introspects when it comes to choice of directors to deliver better films else his market continues to deteriorate.

Verdict: 'BORING' Bond!

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