Ice Cream

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Movie: Ice Cream
Rating: 0.5 / 5
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Cast: Navdeep,Tejaswi and others
Directed by : Ram Gopal Varma
Produced by : Rama Satyanarayan
Banner :Bhimavaram Talkies
Music : Pradyodhan
Release Date : Jul 12 2014 12:00 AM

Ice Cream Movie Review

'Ice Cream' is based on the real-life incident which happened in Bangalore on June 26th in Bangalore. Let's see how far Ram Gopal Varma has succeeded in the execution. 
Renu (Tejaswi), a medical student, moves to a new apartment in Bangalore. Soon, She will be haunted by some mysterious evil spirits. Vishal (Navdeep), Tejaswi's  boyfriend, never believes her and tells it might be her illusion or some sort of mental disorder. Finally, Vishal stays at Tejaswi's house to explore the truth. What happens then forms the rest of the story!  
Artistes Performances:
Tejaswi: She make an impact with her oomph factor in her first solo flick. However, The much hyped 'nude scene' wasn't present in the movie. She needs to focus on histrionics to better her chances as female lead. 
Navdeep tries his best to deliver a good performance. There is nothing much to talk about rest of the cast.  
Plus Points:
Tejaswi's close-up shots
Introduction of Flow Cam & Flow Sound Technologies.
Minus Points:
Slow Pace
Absence of Nude Scene
Just like any of his other horror flicks, Ram Gopal Varma relied completely on the camera angles and the sound effects for keeping audience interested in the proceedings. However, Giving least prominence to story, screenplay and the thrill factor works against 'Ice Cream'. Despite a short run-time (104 minutes), This horror outing makes the viewers feel a lot of scenes should have been chopped off.  
The only time audience feel a sigh of relief is while watching the close-up shots highlighting the oomph factor of Tejaswi. Its high time RGV realizes that Heroine's undressing sequence and skin show alone can't make a film successful. Few films can't even be watched in DVDs and that's the slot 'Ice Cream' belongs to! 
Verdict: Stay Away!
Rating: 0.5/5
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