Hora Hori

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Movie: Hora Hori
Rating: 2.25 / 5
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Cast: Dileep,Daksha,Chaswa and others
Directed by : Teja
Produced by : K L Damodar Prasad
Banner :Sri Ranjith Movies
Music : Kalyan Koduri
Release Date : Sep 12 2015 12:00 AM

Hora Hori Movie Review


Basavaraj (Chaswa) is a local rowdy. One fine day, He goes to the house of a Cop to bribe him and falls head over heels for his Sister Mythili (Daksha) the moment he sees her. After a tragic incident, Story shifts to a village in Karnataka where Mythili meets Skanda (Dileep) who makes her get over her past. They grew fond of each other in no time and love blossoms between the two. It's then Basavaraj lands in the same Village. Whom among Skanda and Basavaraj would marry Mythili? Does the love story have a happy ending?

Artists Performance:

Dileep: Lack of screen presence is the biggest setback and he doesn't look like a hero material at all from any angle.

Daksha: She looks pretty and performs well in emotional scenes. Like many of the debutants introduced by Teja, This Imported Beauty will have a long run in the Industry.

Chaswa does a good job as the Main Villain. Jabardasth Actors have produced few laughs. Rest of the actors have been adequate.

Plus Points:

- Heroine

- Songs & BGM

Minus Points:

- Hero

- Narration

- Run Time (159 Minutes)


Director Teja made few experimental films like 'Keka', 'Oka V Chitram' and '1000 Abaddalu' in the recent years. Finally, He is back to his favourite genre in which he delivered hits like Jayam and Nuvvu Nenu with 'Hora Hori'. Was he able to recreate the magic again?

Music by Kalyani Konduri is the best element in the movie. Cinematography by Deepak Bhagavath is neat. Dialogues are okay. Editing is poor. Stunts lack freshness. Production Values are good.

'Hora Hori' is nothing but a rehash of 'Jayam' which is also a product of Director Teja. Poor Characterizations, Illogical Scenes, Predictable Screenplay and Sluggish Pace hamper the prospects of the film. Better watch 'Jayam' again than spending time & money on this poorly scripted & directed flick.

Box Office: Postponement of 'Courier Boy Kalyan' fetched solo release for 'Hora Hori'. Few low-budget B Grade films such as 'Swimming Pool', 'Mahi Aunty' and '2000 Crore Black Money' have also hit the screens Today, but its 'Hora Hori' which is the only notable release this week. Box Office prospects of Teja's new outing is poor to say the least.

Verdict: Jayam Rehash!

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