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3.8 out of 5
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Movie: Galipatam
Rating: 2.5 / 5
User Rating:
627 Votes
Cast: Aadi,Erica Fernandes,Kristina Akheeva and others
Directed by : Naveen Gandhi
Produced by : Sampath Nandi, Kiran Muppavarapu, Vijayakumar Vattikuti
Banner :Los Angeles Productions
Music : Bheems Ceciroleo
Release Date : Aug 08 2014 12:00 AM

Galipatam Movie Review

Karthik (Aadi) and Shwetha (Erica Fernandez), IT Professionals, ties the knot and its an arranged marriage. Differences crop up between the couple after a while and they decide to part ways. Prior to marriage, Aadi has been in a relationship with Pranathi (Christina) who believes in the concept of live-in relationships but not marriage. Even Swetha was flooded with love proposals from his college mate Aarav Reddy (Rahul Ravichandran) since 4 years but she turned down them as she is averse to love marriage and wishes to marry the man of her parent's choice. After Divorce, Both Karthik and Shwetha decide to start a new life with their ex-lovers. Everything goes smoothly until their respective families intervene in the separation issue. What happens then? How did Karthik and Shwetha handle the complicated situation? Did they start a new relationship with their formers lovers? 
Artists Performance:
Aadi: This is his best performance till date. He showed a lot of maturity when it comes to getting the right kind of expressions. He subtle performance earns few brownie points.
Among the Female Leads, Christina scored over Erica Fernandez whether it performance or glamour. Rahul Ravichandran is okay. 
Jabardasth Team and Sapthagiri entertains with their comedy track. Rest of the cast were adequate. 
Plus Points: 
-First Half
-Bold Content
Minus Points:
- Second Half
'Galipatam' is a youthful romantic entertainer laced with bold content just alike Sampath Nandi's directorial debut 'Yemaindhi Ee Vela'.
Naveen Gandhi as director tries everything he can to make it an interesting one but succeeds partially. Sampath Nandi's Dialogues which have both satirical & philosophical touch, Music by Bheems Sesiroli and Cinematography by K Bujji are the major assets of this movie. 
First Half of the movie is decent with romance and comedy. Second Half is loaded with sentiment and the climax is bold. This is were the film could have been trimmed by at least 15 to 25 minutes to make the proceedings interesting. 'Galipatam' is a case of Bold Concept & Bad Execution.


Verdict: Could Have Been Better!


Live Updates:

12:18: Movie finished with a good ending....

12:10: Climax scenes are running.. and its runing as a group discussion...

11:50: Some comedy scenes from Jabardasth programme practice...

11:40: He confirm his love to his wife

11:30: Fight scenes in a restarunt...

11:25: Doomapanam sons is running...

11:20: All two pairs are enjoying in love...

10:55: Interval......

10:45: Aarnav -and Swathi, Karthik and Parineethi meets up again... Swathi and Karthik confirms their divorce

10:40: Return from flashback to present

10:35: Aadi and Parineethi realise their love..

10:30: Hey part song rooling... song is nice and picturization is good..

10:25: Comedy scenes are running... between aadi and parineethi...

10:20: Aadi fall in love with Parineethi.. 

10:15: Aadi is a power star pawan kalyan fan...

10:10: Flashback scenes.. Aadi interview scene...

10:05: Arnav and Parineethi are software professionals

10:00am: Karthik (Adhi) and Swathi (Erica Fernandes) get married in a arranged...

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