Ee Varsham Sakshiga Movie Review

Review : Ee Varsham Sakshiga Telugu Movie Review, Rating | Story, Public Talk, Varun Sandeesh

3.4 out of 5
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Movie: Ee Varsham Sakshiga Movie Review
Rating: 1.5 / 5
User Rating:
282 Votes
Cast: Varun Sandeesh,Hari Priya and others
Directed by : Ramana Mogili
Produced by : B Obul Subba Reddy
Banner :Rahul Movie Makers
Music : Anil Gopireddy
Release Date : Dec 13 2014 12:00 AM

Ee Varsham Sakshiga Movie Review


Jai (Varun Sandesh) meets Mahalakshmi (Haripriya) during a train journey and falls in love with her by the time he reaches his destination. One fine day, Jai leaves to the native place of Mahalakshmi to propose his love. It was then he comes to know that Mahalaksmi has eloped with someone. What did Jai do then? Is he able to meet Mahalakshmi? Will he confess his love? Watch the film to know more!

Artists Performance:

As an innocent guy, Varun Sandesh does justice to his role but don't expect him to offer any thrilling experience to the audience with his acting prowess.

Haripriya's sex appeal and oomph factor keeps the viewers engaged to some extent.

Comedy track led by Dhanraj, Venu and Chandra is the only positive element in the movie. Energies of rest of the cast have been wasted!

Plus Points:

- Comedy Track

- Haripriya's Glamour

Minus Points:

- Outdated Plot

- Illogical Screenplay

- Pointless Direction


Direction Ramana Mogili neither choose a fresh subject to narrate nor possess the skills to create wonders from tried & tested plots. The result in such cases will be an outcome like 'Ee Varsham Sakshiga'!

Music by Anil.Gopi Reddy is pretty average. Cinematography is decent. Dialogues are poorly written. Editing is just okay. Production Values aren't bad.

Box Office: 'Ee Varsham Sakshiga' is another disaster in Varun Sandesh's career. This Young Hero neither learnt anything from his consecutive failures nor from the path shown by his contemporaries Nithin & Nikhil. Wake up Varun - Its never too late!!!

Verdict: ITS A DUD - We Swear On Varun!

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