Cinema Choopistha Mava

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3.7 out of 5
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Movie: Cinema Choopistha Mava
Rating: 2.75 / 5
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97 Votes
Cast: Raj Tarun,Avika Gor and others
Directed by : Trinadha Rao Nakkina
Produced by : Bekkam Venugopal, Anji Reddy, G.Sunitha, Rupesh D Gohil
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Music : Sekhar Chandra
Release Date : Aug 14 2015 12:00 AM

Cinema Choopistha Maava Movie Review


Kaththi (Raj Tarun), an aimless youth, falls in love with Parineetha (Avika Gor) and succeeds in winning her heart after repeated attempts. To give his consent for their marriage, Parineetha's Father (Rao Ramesh) lays a challenge before Kaththi. What is it all about? Has Kaththi accomplished the mission to marry his soulmate?

Artists Performance:

Raj Tarun: He has come a long way, from acting in Short Films and Working behind the camera to becoming a hero in the feature films. Godavari accent, energy levels and comic timing are his strength. Yet again, He does a good job to walk away with the brownie points.

Avika Gor: She need to focus on her weight issues a bit and don't have much role to play in this movie.

Rao Ramesh is the backbone of this movie. His histrionics, dialogue delivery and the way he emotes is simply superb. Jabardasth Team and rest of the comedians have been very good.

Plus Points:

- Raj Tarun-Rao Ramesh's confrontation

- Humour

- Second Half

Minus Points:

- Illogical Scenes

- Editing


After 'Uyyala Jampala', Raj Tarun and Avika Gor teamed up again for 'Cinema Choopistha Maava'. Did their combo produced a hit again?

Sekhar Chandra's Music is nice & even picturization of songs is decent. Cinematography isn't bad at all. Dialogues generate lot of humour. Editing is a let down, especially in the First Half. Production Values are fair enough.

Director Trinadha Rao made sure there is ample comedy in the movie to overcome the shortcomings like ordinary story-screenplay & lack of logic. That's the reason 'Cinema Choopistha Maava' managed to be a decent entertainer. Raj Tarun and Rao Ramesh were largely successfully in making it an enjoyable experience for the audience. Few emotional scenes in their combination and the cat-n-mouse game hit the right chord. You may watch it for this Weekend!

Box Office: 'Cinema Choopistha Maava' has got a limited screen count and it might do reasonable well in all the A centres apart from mass circuits.

Verdict: Decent Entertainer!

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