Chinnadana Nee Kosam

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3.6 out of 5
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Movie: Chinnadana Nee Kosam
Rating: 2.25 / 5
User Rating:
1742 Votes
Cast: Nitin,Misti,Ali and others
Directed by : A. Karunakaran
Produced by : N. Sudhakar Reddy, Nikita Reddy
Banner :Sresht Movies
Music : Anoop Rubens
Release Date : Dec 25 2014 12:00 AM

Chinnadana Nee Kosam Movie Review

Nithn (Nithin) meets Nandini (Mishti) and ends up loving her in no time. Mishti, on the other hand, isn't interested but tries to get as close as possible to his family. One fine day, Nithin comes to know about the secret agenda of Nandini. How did he react? What's on Nandini's mind? Has Nandini accepted his love proposal? Know more in the theaters!
Artists Performance:
Nithin: He looks super handsome, attempts new dialogue delivery with pleasing expressions and dances pretty well. Altogether, He comes with a complete package much to the delight of the director and audience. 
Mishti: She looks pretty but hardly wins the hearts with her acting prowess.
Nasser played his part quite well. Naresh and Sitara as Hero's Parents were a nice choice. Rest of the cast is adequate.
Plus Points:
- Nithin

- First Half

Minus Points:

- Screenplay

- Direction
- Second Half
Karunakaran is known to be pretty good at romantic entertainers. At the same time, He has got the habit of going off the track (Second Half) in most of his movies after an entertaining First Half. This Sensible Filmmaker repeated the same mistake again and this time with 'Chinnadana Nee Kosam'.
Songs by Anup Rubens don't come anywhere close to his best works in the recent past. Background Score is good though. Cinematography is decent. Dialogues work in parts. Editing could have been better in Second Half. Production Values are laudable. 
Special Thanks to Pawan Kalyan with the Solo Poster of the Iconic Actor from 'Gopala Gopala' in the beginning and last dialogue of the movie 'Tondaraga Intiki Vellali...Pandakki Maa Boss Cinema Release Avutundhi...Chuseyyali' received huge response in Theaters.
Box Office: 'Chinnadana Nee Kosam' released in 600-odd screens Worldwide. Openings will be damn good irrespective of the word-of-mouth due to Nithin's recent track record, PK factor and Today happens to be a Public Holiday. Will CNK be able to capitalise on the Holidays in the next one week?
Verdict: Even PK Can't Save It!
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