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3.5 out of 5
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Movie: Chakkiligintha Movie Review
Rating: 2.0 / 5
User Rating:
507 Votes
Cast: Sumanth Ashwin,Rehana and others
Directed by : Vema Reddy
Produced by : Narasimha Reddy, Chari
Banner :Mahis Entertainment Pvt.Ltd, Ilavala Films
Music : Mickey J Meyer
Release Date : Dec 05 2014 12:00 AM

Chakkiligintha Movie Review

Aadi (Sumanth Ashwin), a post-graduate student, is someone who doesn't endorse Boys proposing their love to Girls. Instead, He wants the Girls to woo Boys and his influence could be felt all over the college. One fine day, Avanthika (Rehana) who is a new entrant to the college comes to known about Aadi and chalks out a plan to make him fall in love. The rest of the story is how successfully she ends her mission.
Artists Performance:
Sumanth Ashwin given a matured performance and he is certainly improving with each film. Negative shade in his role gave him scope to perform well in this movie. He used that to good effect to win few brownie points. 
Rehana looks beautiful and even dances well. She, however, is very bad at expressions in crucial scenes and has to work on her acting prowess.
Viva Harsha's comedy is partly entertaining. Saptagiri, Thagubothu Ramesh and Jabardasth Chandra were decent enough. Rest of the cast were adequate.
Plus Points:
- Sumanth Ashwin
- Cinematography
Minus Points:
- Heroine
- Screenplay
- Direction
The directorial debut of Vema Reddy, a protege of Sukumar, is a colossal flop to say the least. Except for few minutes in the beginning, 'Chakkiligintha' is boring and tests the patience of audience with confusing screenplay, sluggish pace and illogical/unconvincing scenes. Neither there is justification to why Hero who hates men wooing women falls head-over-heels for Heroine nor the way film ends is convincing enough.
Though 'Chakkiligintha' album isn't at least one of the best in his career, Mickey J Meyer compensates that with impressive Background Score. Sai Sriram's Cinematography is refreshing. Choreography is decent enough. Dialogues are outdated. Editing is below par. Production Values are damn good.

Box Office: 'Chakkiligintha' received a good screen count but that won't help it any way. It would be a miracle if this film emerges as a winner at Ticket Window as disaster is written all over it.
Verdict: This 'Chakkiligintha' is Irritating!


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1:30pm : Movie ended with twist in love and fight scenes, comedy scenes....

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1:05pm : Twist in the tale... Goons trying to kidnap heroine...

1:00pm : comedy scenes are running..

12:55pm : Chaitanya krishna entry...

12:50pm : Third song 'idivarake' started...

12:45pm : Surekha vani entry...

12:40pm : Movie heading to vizag...

12:25pm : Twist int he tale... Interval...

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12:15pm : Fight scenes are running..

12:10pm : Tagubotu Ramesh and Chammak Chandra entered and more comedy...

12:05pm : Viva harsha back to his simple comedy...

12:00pm : Heroine Rehana entry... looking cute..

11:55am : Avoid girls movie first song started...

11:50am : College Love scenes are running... Sumanth telling about girls and love in the college.

11:45am : Sumanth Aswin entry as Aadi...

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11:35 am : Titles are now rolling.. Viva Harsha entry...

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