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3.9 out of 5
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Movie: Beeruva
Rating: 2.5 / 5
User Rating:
741 Votes
Cast: Sundeep Kishan,Surabhi and others
Directed by : Kanmani
Produced by : Ramoji Rao
Banner :Ushakiran, Aanandi Aarts
Music : Thaman S
Release Date : Jan 23 2015 12:00 AM

Beeruva Movie Review

Sanju (Sundeep Kishan), a rich spoilt brat, is the son of Hyderabad-based Industrialist Surya Narayana (Sr Naresh). Surya Narayana seeks the help of a dreaded Gangster Adhikesavulu (Mukesh Rushi) to resolve a Business problem. It was at this juncture Sanju elopes with Adhikesavulu's Daughter Swathi (Surabhi). In what way Sanju is connected to the whole story and Why did he elope with Swathi forms the rest of the story.
Artists Performance:
Sundeep Kishan: Expect nothing much for this Young Hero in 'Beeruva' other than improvement in the way he does dances and fights.
Surabhi: She came out with flying colors in her Telugu debut. Performed exceptionally well and appeared glamorous in songs to do complete justice to the opportunity given. 
Comedy tracks of Naresh, Sapatagiri and Shakalaka Shankar is the major highlight of the movie. Aneesha Singh enthralls the masses with hot exposure. As Baddie, Mukesh Rushi plays his part to perfection. Rest of the cast including Ajay and Anitha Chowdary were adequate. 
Plus Points:
- Heroine
- Comedy
- Cinematography
Minus Points:
- Direction
- Predictable Plot
- Run Time
Director Kanmani surprised everyone by choosing an unusual title 'Beeruva' for his movie. Although the comedy tracks worked well, Lack of freshness in the narration made the film a predictable fare.
SS Thaman's Music is passable. Chota K Naidu's Cinematography is an asset and his expertise helped the songs look colorful on the screen. Dialogues are entertaining in parts. Art Direction is impressive. Editing could have been better. Production Values of Usha Kiran Movies and Anandi Arts are grand.
Comedy Episodes, Heroine Surabhi and Cinematography are the saving grace of the movie. On a whole, 'Beeruva' entertains only in parts and hence it ends as a big disappointment.
Box Office: 'Beeruva' released in around 300-odd screens Worldwide. It might have decent openings but don't expect this half-baked film to do wonders at the Box Office.  
Verdict: Not Engaging Enough!
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