Avunu 2

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3.2 out of 5
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Movie: Avunu 2
Rating: 2.25 / 5
User Rating:
1377 Votes
Cast: Harshvardhan Rane,Poorna and others
Directed by : Ravi Babu
Produced by : Ravi Babu, D. Suresh Babu
Banner :Suresh Productions
Music : Sekhar Chandra
Release Date : Apr 02 2015 12:00 AM

Avunu 2 Movie Review


Mohini (Poorna) and Harsha (Harshavardhan Rane) shift to a secluded posh flat in Hyderabad after the attack by Ghost Captain Raju. While Harsha is keen on starting the life afresh, Mohini on the other hand is still petrified about the horrifying past. It was then a Sadhu offers a sacred locket to Mohini for protecting herself from evil spirit. How things change from then onwards? Is the spirit of Captain Raju haunting the place where the couple live? Grab the tickets to know more...!

Artists Performance:

Poorna's expressive eyes are her biggest assets. She comes out with flying colors in scenes which demand her to look petrified or scream out of fear. Harshavardhan Rane's growth as an actor is visible. Sanjjanna makes her presence felt. Nikitha is fine. Chakravarthy excels & Ravi Varma as Schzophrenic patient irritates.

Plus Points:

- Second Half

- Cinematography

Minus Points:

- Background Score

- Predictable

- Climax


'Avunu 2' is being made in the same format of 'Avunu' - A Couple moving to a New Home, Lustful ghost with the sole aim to rape Mohini and Spirit of Captain Raju possessing into Harsha's body. The Director hardly made any attempts to present something new to the audience who come with an expectation after an impressive first venture.

Sekhar Chandra's Background Score is too loud to handle. Bhupesh R Bhupati's Camera Work is impressive. Even at 107 minutes, The film appears tad too long and editing at least 15 minutes could have improved the movie watching experience. VFX is quite good. Production Values of Suresh Productions and Flying Frogs are adequate.

Except for 'Philip Experiment' & 'Schizophrenia' disorder, 'Avunu 2' is more or less similar to the First Venture of this franchise. Predictability and Lack of Spine-Chilling Moments are the biggest setbacks of the new version. This is what gonna happen when a sequel is being planned just to cash on the success of the original.

Box Office: Horror Films cater to a niche audience and hence they end up successful only when the content is damn good. 'Avunu 2' might sink at the Box Office as it falls well short of the expectations.  

Verdict: Not Scary Enough!

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