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Movie: Asura
Rating: 3.0 / 5
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Cast: Nara Rohit,Priya Banerjee and others
Directed by : Krishna Vijay
Produced by : Shyam Devabhaktuni Krishna Vijay
Banner :Devas Media and Entertainment
Music : Sai Karthik
Release Date : Jun 05 2015 12:00 AM

Asura Movie Review


Dharma (Nara Rohit), a jailer who runs the prison as per his rule book, receives a challenge in the form of Charlie (Ravi Varma), a prisoner awaiting death sentence. Charlie plots a jail break with the support of local goons and all that he does was kidnapping Dharma's love interest Harika (Priya Banerjee) to escape. Did Dharma succumb to the pressure? Has he remained true to his duty even during tough times? Know more in theaters!

Artists Performance:

First things first, Nara Rohit should really work on his weight issues. Forget about six-pack, All he need to do is getting into shape as early as possible. Of course, He delivers a good performance, his dialogue delivery and diction are too good.

Priya Banerjee looks beautiful and plays the role of love interest to perfection. Ravi Varma creates a good impact with his performance as a psychopath. Rest of the cast is alright.

Plus Points:

Nara Rohit

Interval & Climax Twists

Camera Work

Run Time

Minus Points:

Lacks Comedy


Nara Rohit should be appreciated for his guts to do back-to-back films with new comers. This time its Krishna Vijay, a debutante, who tests his luck with a cop drama. Did the gamble pay off at least in this attempt?

Couple of songs composed by Sai Kartheek are pretty good, especially 'Pru Teliyani...'. His Background Score is loud at times. Cinematography is exceptional. Dialogues pack a punch. Editing is fine. Production Values are appreciable.

'Asura' is the commercial success Nara Rohit has been waiting for so long. This film has got everything to appeal to its target audience - Good Performances & Nice Twists. Including a nice comedy track could have done wonders though and designing the romantic track in a much better way might have elevated the climax even more. Other than these small short-comings, Everything is perfect and this weekend belongs to Nara Rohit's new outing.

Box Office:

'Asura' managed better screen count (400-plus) than the other two releases (Singham 123, Andhra Pori). Good first weekend revenues are expected in all the A Centres but how the audience in B & C Centres would embrace the movie is crucial aspect here.

Verdict: Nara Rohit strikes at last!

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