Andhra Pori

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Movie: Andhra Pori
Rating: 2.5 / 5
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Cast: Akash Puri,Ulka Gupta and others
Directed by : Raj Madiraju
Produced by : Ramesh Prasad
Banner :Prasad Productions
Music : Josyabhatla
Release Date : Jun 05 2015 12:00 AM

Andhra Pori Movie Review


Narsing Yadav (Akash Puri), a Telangana teen, comes across Ulka Gupta, a Andhra girl, who is the daughter of his arch-rival. He follows the girl since then, dances in rain and delivers filmy monologues to garner her attention. What began as a Time-Pass turns out to be very serious with Love blossoming between the two teenagers. What happens from thereafter? Are the two teenagers ready to face the reality?

Artists Performance:

Akash Puri delivers dialogues in Telangana dialect and he is impressive. His ease of acting could take him a long way. While running, He imitates Mahesh Babu and still makes it look good on the screen. Overall, There is improvement for every film and that's the key to success.  

Ulka Gupta is apt for the role of an innocent looking Andhra Girl. Dr.Shrikanth entertains to the fullest with his commendable performance. Uttej, Sree Mukhi, Urmila, Poornima, Abhinaya and Others have played their parts to perfection.
Plus Points:

- Lead Pair

- Dr.Shrikanth's Performance

- Music

- Dialogues

Minus Points:

- Snail-Paced Narration


'Andhra Pori' is a remake of Marathi flick 'Time Pass' which was crictically acclaimed and commercially successful. Raj Madiraju wielded the megaphone for this teenage love story.

Music composed by Josyabhatla is good. Camera Work by Praveen Vanamali is decent. Dialogues are well written. Editing isn't crisp and bringing the runtime down to 120 minutes should have paid off. Production Values are adequate.

Raj Madiraju has chosen a sensitive subject that deals with teenage love and pure emotions. Except for the snail-paced narration, There is nothing much to complain about 'Andhra Pori'. Give it a try if you could bear with its pace...!

Box Office: Teenage Love Stories are a rarity in Tollywood. There are few successful films being made in this genre but we have to wait & see how 'Andhra Pori' will be received.

Verdict: Not Bad At All!

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