365 Days

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Movie: 365 Days
Rating: 2.0 / 5
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Cast: Nandu,Anaika Soti and others
Directed by : Ram Gopal Varma
Produced by : Sudheer Chandra
Banner :ZED 3 pictures productions
Music : Nag Srivatsav
Release Date : May 23 2015 12:00 AM

365 Days Movie Review


Apoorva (Nandu), a techie, falls in love with Shreya (Anaika Soti) and they tie the nuptial knot to take their relationship to the next level. Very soon, The couple realize marriage was the biggest mistake of their lives as they no more love each other after frequent fights and misunderstandings. The rest of the story is about did they have a happy ending or not!

Artists Performance:

Nandu does perform well and tries his best to do justice to the role. Anaika Soti is eye-candy as expected. Posani Krishna Murali is the star of '365 Days'. He entertains with his comic timing, dialogue modulation and expressions in a cameo.
Plus Points:

- Concept

- Posani Krishna Murali

- First Half

Minus Points:

- Narration

- Second Half


Ram Gopal Varma who never believed in the institution of marriage makes a film which has 'wedding' as the central plot and that's '365 Days'.

Although songs were decent, Their placement hampers the flow of the movie. Background Score is decent. Cinematography is neat. Few dialogues makes sense. Editing could have been better in the latter half. Production Values are okay.
RGV chose a subject which is quite interesting but failed in the narration part. While the First Half of the movie is passable with few moments which hit the right chord with present day youth, Second Half tests the patience with neither gripping elements nor adequate entertainment quotient.

Box Office: '365 Days' received less screen count due to RGV's poor track record in the recent past. In such cases, The film succeeds only when it's rich in content. Sadly, Even Ramu's latest product is below par and hence Box Office prospects are poor.

Verdict: Don't waste 2 Hours for '365 Days'!

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